Special discount: Course + Accomodation 218€

Enjoy a complete course of Kitesurf with accomodation for only 218€; come and discover the wonderful beaches of Tarifa and learn kitesurfing with our course that includes:
  • 2 nights accomodation
  • 9 hours course
  • 3 days stay in Tarifa
Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a magical place full of good vibes, at an incredible price!
We make it very easy for you! with this special offer you can have a complete Kitesurf course, all the equipment, accomodation at a charming place, and the most experienced and friendly instructors you could imagine.
Tarifa’s beaches are waiting for you.Wake up everyday with the sensation of flying above the waves!



Intensive course 12 hrs for 228€

You will love this offer, a complete 12 hrs intensive course for only 228€. It is the perfect reason why you should visit us and enjoy a few days of relax, making Kitesurf along the incredible beaches of Tarifa.

We are convinced that you are going to fall in love with Tarifa and Kitesurf, so don’t give it another thought and call us!