About us

Kite and roll is a school of Kite Surf Sup in Tarifa. We are proud to have some of the most experienced instructors in the world of Kite surf, and we would love to share with you our passion for this sport. We are in Tarifa because we consider this spot the most complete to practice and teach kite surf.

Lucas Palmer, the school´s director, has been kite instructor since the sport began, and has spent more than 20 years dedicated to teaching water sports like Windsurf, Surf and kite surf.

David Tonioni,, the school´s manager, is Kite surf instructor since 2006. He counts on world wide teaching experience in 5 languages.



Kitesurf is not only a sport for us; it is a way of life. We have ridden all over the world, under all types of conditions.
We have been practicing and teaching this sport for years. We are sure that once you visit our school and try it, you won’t be able to stop kiting, as it has happened to us.

All these years of professional development have provided us with enough experience, professional skills and capacity to lead this school in Tarifa and to teach this sport as follows:

  • Quickly and effectively, because our way of teaching is adapted to the learning rhythm of each student. So you can get the most out of every lesson.
  • Safely, because we assure optimum safety conditions; maximum emphasis is placed on security rules, like a rescue boat, teaching techniques and choice of the equipments.
  • Enjoyable and funny experience, because we want to express our passion for this sport with enthusiasm, and we want you to learn but also to enjoy kite surfing.

Kite and roll is your Kitesurfing school in Tarifa; we have training courses designed to respond to different training conditions and different timetables. We can also arrange accommodation for all kind of needing. Finally we assure you that you will be fascinated by kite surf.

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