Beaches of tarifa

Beaches Tarifa

There is no doubt that to practice any type of nautical sport the beaches we go to must be in perfect condition. The beaches of Tarifa are a great example of places where you can enjoy our favorite sport in an almost paradisiacal environment. Natural environments, sports or nudists are some of the different environments that we can find along its almost 50 kilometers of coastline that are divided between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Visiting the beaches of Tarifa will take us to a place of calm and rest where we can find the best moments to rest, or on the contrary if we want, we will approach the “cradle” of the wind to perform all kinds of activities related to sports aquatic Variety, cleanliness and nature are the three main characteristics of all the beaches that surround this beautiful place. There is no doubt that in Spain one of the best options to spend a season, either a weekend or a well deserved vacation, is Tarifa and its beaches.


With this division we do not mean that other types of beaches are not also interesting, however, from our point of view on these beaches you will find a greater number of people practicing water sports, a greater offer and variety of schools, workshops and rental shops and an environment conducive to enjoy a good day of maritime sport. Playa Rio Jara is our first choice. Located between Tarifa and the River area, this beach with just bathers is an exceptional place to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing. Also when tide can is perfect for beginners because the depth of the sea is only half a meter in height. The next beach in Tarifa, it’s Playa Dos Mares. This beach, which is 5 kilometers from Tarifa, is almost exclusively reserved for riders, both those who practice windsurfing and kitesurfing. Its accessibility, being able to arrive by car almost to the shore, makes it a great option to avoid having to carry all the equipment along the beach. In addition there is a small area defined only for the practice of this sport. At Arte Vida beach we can find ourselves mostly with surfers, thanks to the good conditions that the sea has for this sport. As we get closer to Dos Mares beach, it is easier to meet people practicing windsurfing and kitesurfing. We end with an essential date for lovers of water sports and the good wind: Valdevaqueros beach. On this beach, in addition to having great wind and sea conditions, we also have good infrastructures prepared for the practice of our favorite sports, as well as one of the best chiringuitos in the area.


If we want to rest, easily access the beach and enjoy a good variety of cuisine, the beaches we must access are: Playa Chica and Los Lances beach. Playa Chica is the last beach we found in the Mediterranean Sea and it is also the southernmost place in the European continent. Its calm waters allow bathers to enjoy the sea without any danger and with the necessary tranquility. Its crystal clear water is also in the guides for the practice of diving. On the beach of Los Lances we find the main beach of Tarifa. It is one of the beaches that has the largest offer of restaurants and beach bars to continue with the rest once we leave the bathing area.

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