In the south of Spain, within the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, we can find some of the best beaches for surfing, kite surfing, paddle surfing, windsurfing … In particular, today we bring you the article “Beach of Bologna: where is it, how to get there “So you can know all the details on how to access this beach to spend a unique day with your table and surrounded by the best partners. Do not miss the opportunity to get close to this beautiful beach that, besides being a great area to enjoy your favorite sport, has other attractions that will turn your visit into an unforgettable moment.

Within the municipality of Tarifa, like many beaches in the province of Cadiz devoted to water sports, the beach of Bologna is located within the Campo de Gibraltar and just opposite the city of Tangier, on the other side of the Strait. Its limits are composed of Punta Camarinal in the west, Punta Paloma in the east, and the mountains of La Plata, La Higuera and the hill of San Bartolomé in the interior. Its beaches are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean right in the first part where it begins in the Spanish territory.

Its length is about 3800 meters and its width about 70 meters in most of its development. It is one of the few virgin beaches that still remain in the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to the few inhabitants and urban centers that exist in the area surrounding the beach, it has been preserved naturally almost to this day and gives us a picture worthy of any travel magazine.


One of the most impressive elements of the Beach of Bologna is its dune. The dune of Bologna has been declared a natural monument since 2001, thanks to its ecological importance. Due to the system of dunes and the weather conditions of the area, plant species have very difficult development in the area. For this reason, the baron is the only species that has managed to adapt to this system and therefore the only plant element that can be seen in the area. In the innermost areas, we also find stone pine, juniper, mastic and maritime juniper. Although due to the advances of the dune are continuously buried and end up perishing, with what are currently disappearing.


In addition to the beach and the dune, this enclave has a Roman city in the vicinity that makes it a great tourist attraction after a day of sport at sea. The ruins correspond to Baelo Claudia, a city created after a Phoenician settlement in the 2nd century BC. and that had a great splendor at the time. Currently its state of conservation is excellent.

He dedicated himself mainly to maritime trade and united Africa with the Iberian Peninsula. He had a trap that gave him most of his income due to trade. It has a visitor center and a museum that open every day except Monday and access is free.


Its almost wild nature means that access is not as simple as possible, but at the same time, it gives a degree of privacy that will allow us to enjoy the beach and the day in company without crowds or space problems.

To access the area near the beach, we can arrive by car. It is located about 15 kilometers after passing Tarifa. We can take the N-340 road and once we cross the Facinas junction, we will find another junction for Bolonia beach, approximately at kilometer 70 of this road towards Tarifa. From that junction we have 8 kilometers to the beach. The road is narrow and consists of countless curves, so we should not be in a hurry to get there and take convenient precautions. If you decide to go on a summer day during the weekend, parking will be somewhat complicated due to the large number of people who go to the beach. However, if you access any other day of the year, there is a parking area where you will have no problem leaving your car and walking.

The access by public transport is the weak point of this beach since there is no bus or other type of transport that allows us to reach the beach of Bologna from nearby urban centers.


The variety of restaurants or chiringuitos that we find in the area is quite limited due to the size of the surrounding population centers. For this reason, the number of places to enjoy after spending a day surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, paddle surfing … is quite limited, but not the quality of them, offering high quality products in the area combined with quite affordable prices.

Undoubtedly the main activity to do in the beach of Bologna is the practice of any water sport in which we are interested. The area in which it is located, at the end of the Strait of Gibraltar that is formed between the Spanish territory and the North of Africa, get that the easterly winds coming from the Mediterranean acquire a greater strength in this area before being diluted in the Atlantic Ocean . In addition, the size of the beach allows us not to have to fight for a good place to practice all our favorite tricks. There is a more crowded central area, since it is near the parking lot, where families who come to spend a day at the beach are usually located and, therefore, it is not a very recommended area for riders. On the other hand, once we get away from these areas, we find all kinds of natural coves in which the number of bathers is smaller and we can practice any type of sport without interfering in the bathroom of those who have come to spend the day on the beach.

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