Of all the wonderful beaches of fine golden sand that surround the municipality of Tarifa in Cádiz, the beach of Los Lances stands out for its beauty and extension. This beach included in the Natural Park of the Strait, extends from Punta de la Peña, to Punta de Tarifa. With a length of more than seven kilometers and an average width of more than 120 meters, it is divided by the River Jara that flows into it, with the Strait of Gibraltar and the Moroccan coasts at the beginning of the African continent. This beautiful beach is called Los Lances beach, as it was the place where the Christian and Muslim armies were established during the reconquest, to later establish the so-called Batalla del Salado. Fact that finally occurred on October 30, 1340. El Salado is a small river with little flow, which runs through an area close to the beach. As a curiosity, the chronicles of the time highlight that the strong easterly wind that day calmed down enough to benefit the Christian army during combat. Los Lances de Tarifa beach is a Natural Area, which has a very important natural wealth of migratory birds, which use the nearby wetland areas to rest before crossing the Strait, as well as other common ones, such as egrets, sandpipers and plovers among others, which inhabit the area, as well as eagles, kites, hawks, or mammals that roam the territory to feed, as is the case of the otter. In its seabed abound many remains of sunken ships, wrecked over the centuries, which make diving one of the attractions for anyone who comes to enjoy their holidays in the summer. Its crystalline waters of an intense blue next to the landscape of movable dunes by effect of the wind and stone pines that surround them, make it one of the most attractive semi-urban beaches of the entire coast of Cadiz.


Due to its location, Los Lances de Tarifa beach receives strong easterly winds during most of the year. This fact, which for a long time was considered an inconvenience for tourism in the area, with the arrival of so-called wind sports, has led to the area and specifically to Los Lances, to be one of the most preferred places in the world for the Enjoy these during all the months of the year. Sailing, windsurfing and now kitesurfing also taking advantage of the frequency of waves, are the most practiced, making the spectacle of contemplating the sails and the stunts of the athletes impressive. Curious people, tourists and athletes, are constantly present on its banks to enjoy the sun and its waters as well as the sporting spectacle.


For its extension, along the beach, from the town of Tarifa to the Hotel 2 seas, you will find a multitude of bars and restaurants to eat, listen to good music and enjoy the fantastic sunsets.

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