Kitesurf & yoga

A perfect combination of relaxation and adrenaline!
At KiteandRoll we offer you the opportunity to practice yoga in “OMSHALA”, a yoga center run by lovely yogis Francisca Giulli and Celine Salha.
At Omshala there is a team of important professionals of recognized national and international prestige. Yoga classes are offered for all levels (Vinyasa- Hatha- Ashtanga- Rocket- Nidra- Yin yoga).
Yoga physical and mental benefits are supported by scientific studies. Add yoga to your list of heart-friendly habits! It increases sports performance by enhancing strength and stability and by helping to prevent injuries and facilitate recovery. Moreover, in summer you can practice outdoor yoga, facing the calming sea. KiteandRoll students will be offered a special price. We encourage you to give it a try!

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