weather in tarifa

For all lovers of good weather, waves, beaches and leisure, Tarifa is one of the best places to enjoy both , water sports and a good day of rest.

Every year more and more amateurs are coming to this little corner in Southern Spain to catch their board and spend a long season soaking. The time in Tarifa ensures, almost three hundred and sixty-five days of the year ,optimal conditions for any type of nautical sport.

This is not only known by amateurs, as there are many professionals who come to Tarifa to train their skills since the time in Tarifa, meets the right conditions to not miss a single day of training.

Therefore if you are looking where to go, either to start or improve your technique in any of the most widespread water sports, do not have any doubt that the time in Tarifa will allow you, to do it, any day of the year.


With temperatures that oscillate between 15 and 25 degrees throughout the year, Tarifa presents sunny conditions most of the days of the year. With these temperatures in Tarifa, one can leave without any fear of surfing, windsurfing, paddle surfing or any other sport, because both for visibility and for possible problems that may appear due to a low temperature, Tarifa is not a problem.

A sunny place with good temperatures as in Tarifa, is always very nice to enjoy a good day of sports. In addition, athletes and amateurs appreciate that after the end of the day, one can sit quietly on a terrace or outside to rest after several hours of physical effort. Thanks to the temperatures, at night we will find that the pressing sun that has helped us so much in the morning, disappears, and instead, a light breeze from the sea will appear to refresh us and get our body temperature down and enjoy a rest night for a new day of maritime sports.


In Tarifa there are 4 types of wind, Poniente, Levante, Viento Sur and Viento Norte.

Poniente and Levante are the most predominant.

The Poniente is a wind that comes from the west. It can bring small waves and is a little cooler. In summer, we can enjoy moderate and very pleasant temperatures, which characterize Tarifa.

The wind that comes from the east is called Levante. It blows stronger and as it comes from Africa it brings hot air. Normally, flat water ,with all wind intensities and without swell.

There is usually wind all year round In Tarifa, but according to the statistics, July is the most windy month.

From May to October there is more probability of Levante and in the winter months, it is the Poniente that predominates.

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