Beginners course

If you never practiced kitesurfing, we encourage you to learn. It is amazing, fun and safe if you choose a good instructor.

Make sure you choose an official kitesurf school. Instructors must have IKO and FAV certificate.

Both adults and children can practice this sport. The minimum age we recommend is 6 years old. You don’t need a lot of strength and well trained muscles; just a correct teaching technique and your enthusiasm for learning.

We cannot tell how much time it takes to learn; it depends on every student. But for beginners course we recommend 3 days minimum.

Day 1

Brief theory to get familiar with basic concepts. First contact with the kite, learn to handle it on land.

Day 2

We wear the wetsuit and get into the water

Day 3

We get into the water with the board and we try to sail

Advanced course


If you have practiced kitesurf before, but you still don’t feel ready to do it alone, we offer you supervision.

An instructor will help you with anything you need.

You’ll be covered by school’s insurances.

Advanced course:

If you know how to kitesurf, but you want to improve your kitesurfing skills, this course is for you.

If you have any doubt please contact us!

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