Boy jumping kitesurf kite in Tarifa
Boy jumping kitesurf kite in Tarifa

Advanced kitesurfing course in Tarifa


The advanced or advanced kitesurfing course is aimed at kiters who already know how to navigate, girdle and feel safe in the water, but who may feel anchored in their level or want to take a step forward in their learning.

If you have already sailed before, with this course you can start to do maneuvers, perform tricks, jumps of various types, surfkite or strapless. We focus on the points you want.

Also for those people who already know how to navigate, but still do not feel completely comfortable alone because they do not know the spot or for any reason, you can hire what we call “supervision”. In these cases, you will have an instructor to help you and guide you in everything you need. You can navigate calmly and you will be covered with the insurance of our school.

KiteSurf board
Kitesurf inflator
Kite and Roll is your kitesurf school in Tarifa

We have courses adapted to different needs, days and hours. We assure you that you will be fascinated by kitesurfing.

We adapt to you, your schedules and availability. We can design a special course just for you or for your family or friends.
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