Boy doing Kitesurfing in Tarifa
Boy doing Kitesurfing in Tarifa

Intermediate Kitesurfing Course Tarifa


The intermediate Kite and Roll Tarifa course is focused on those people who have already done an initiation course but who have not been able to continue practicing for any reason or have stalled in coming and going without getting to turn well.

We adapt this course to your level and focus it on the areas that you want to improve so that you can navigate well and be 100% autonomous in the water. After completing this course, you will notice a before and after and kitesurfing will never be the same for you.

Confidence and technique, this is the key. The objective is that you are comfortable in the sea, feel confident on the board and improve your technique in various areas. Consolidate your level in kitesurfing.

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Kite and Roll is your kitesurf school in Tarifa

We have courses adapted to different needs, days and hours. We assure you that you will be fascinated by kitesurfing.

We adapt to you, your schedules and availability. We can design a special course just for you or for your family or friends.
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